Autism Journey

My son…

My son was diagnosed with Autism. That diagnoses admittedly scared me but deep down, I had suspected it for a while, so in a way, I was prepared for it. I did what most parents would do. I asked the questions. I did my research. I asked more questions. I then looked for the best places to live with the best specialist and I did what I had to, to make sure my son got the help he needed.

That first fear was immediately gone when I looked into my son's eyes. He was the same little boy who has taught me so much about life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him. He may do things a little different than some but that is what makes him special. It's not wrong at all. He is brilliant and has a thing for numbers and puzzles. With therapy, his speech has returned and it gets clearer every day. He loves people but it takes time for him to trust you. I do have to talk to him about someone for a while before he feels comfortable enough to meet them. And if I do mention someone, he remembers everything. My son has a photographic memory. Try playing the Memory Game with him…you'll lose every time. Lol.
My son, E, also has a heart murmur. He's had it since birth. They hoped he would grow out of it by 3 but he hasn't. He may still. That doesn't stop him from running and playing.

He is a huge Hockey and baseball fan. Like his momma, he loves both the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Cubs. It's my dream to take him to one of these games. However, with his sensory issues with sound and large crowds, it may be a challenge. I feel I may have better luck taking him to a baseball game unless I can get private seats at a hockey game. I am a single mom so that may not be in the budget but I have hope that one day I may make it happen. His eyes light up watching the Cubbies or Blackhawks and for a little boy who doesn't speak much, you wouldn't be able to tell while he watches a game or when he tells you about his favorite Cub, Rizzo.

I just want you to understand, Autism is different for everyone. Looking up the word doesn't do it justice and for some, may be scary and give the wrong impression. So many different stories to tell with a single word. I ask, if you know someone who has Autism, get to know them. If a friend tells you their child has Autism, don't say "he/she doesn't look autistic". There's a "look"?! Seriously? No, support them. People with Autism are nothing to be scared of. I have learned a lot from my son about the world around us. I look at every thing differently. Yes, as a single mother, I can get overwhelmed but I know that God trusted me with this little boy and He knew I could handle this. We enjoy the little things in life. We celebrate kindness and simple joys daily. All of those little things become the biggest things and my heart smiles everyday. I was blessed with such a beautiful little boy.


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