Grateful Sunday · Thoughts On My Heart

Grateful Sunday

Today is Sunday and I like to list things that I am grateful for over the past week. This is something that I will be doing every Sunday and I invite you to join us. What are you grateful for? Leave us a comment below. Happy Sunday everyone.

  • Grateful for my son and his love. Even though we’ve been sick with the flu this week, my little boy knows how to make me smile. 
  • Grateful for all of you. I’ve meet some lovely people through this journey. I appreciate your friendship.
  • Grateful for my work family. Thank you all for checking in on us while we’ve been sick. 
  • Grateful for my mom and for making me chili to help me feel better. 
  • Grateful for my mom again. Thank you mom for telling me to keep following my heart and telling me it’s okay if it takes me back to the Midwest. Thank you for telling me it’s where we belong. As a mother myself, I understand how hard that is to say to your babies. 
  • Grateful for those who serve our country, both past and present. Thank you. Honoring those we have lost. 

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